How to get true rewards value for credit card points

There are many blogs out there providing valuation of reward points. But, their valuation only considers the redemption value which is only part of the story. They don’t consider the earning potential as well as special offers that some credit cards provide. I got confused when I saw that Barclays ArrivalPlus miles were valued at

Best membership rewards programs

When it comes to membership rewards programs, two things that should matter most are the redemption value and the flexibility. There are many membership rewards programs these days. Some are associated with airlines, others with hotels and yet others which are associated with card issuers. The sign on bonuses and the points per dollar spent

How to use spouse’s income for greater rewards

For the longest time in our household, I was the primary credit card holder and my wife was the authorized user. She never bothered to try applying a credit card. And then we saw a 75K rewards points offer from American Express Gold card and she applied for it and lo behold, she was approved.

All about Southwest Rapid Rewards

Southwest is one of most travel friendly airlines in U.S. It is the only airlines which allows 2 checked bags for free. Apart from the funny pre-flight safety instructions and hilarious flight attendants, it has a lot of tangible benefits to offer. If you have a Southwest hub nearby, then it is definitely worth considering

Top 5 credit cards and valuation methodology

The ultimate way to value a credit card is based on the dollar value you get out of the credit card rewards. When looking for the top credit cards, I decide based on three things The Sign up Bonus The rate of accumulation and finally, the redemption value of the points/miles accumulated Valuation Concepts One

How to get the best deal for spring break

Well, spring break is coming up and many of you like me will try to plan a trip to somewhere nice. And you may start thinking – oh no how do I get the best airfare, best deal. There are tips and trick to get the best deal with or without points. What are we

Best travel credit cards

Planning a vacation? Looking for the best travel deal? How about paying zero or close to zero for your travel. If you use credit cards for regular spending, then you should sign up for the right travel credit cards to get your dream vacation at minimum cost.   The two crucial parts of a typical vacation plan

Best cashback credit cards

Why cashback you ask? Diversification is good in the rewards world too. In a recent poll many preferred pure cashback over travel perks (not surprising). With the influx of very attractive offers lately, cashback credit cards have made their way into my wallet. The point-o-philes may scoff at the cashback cards, but I can see why

How travel can be a happy experience?

My twist to that famous mastercard tagline goes like this – “Money can’t buy travel experience, for everything else, there is a photo”. Traveling can be a rejuvenating experience for your soul, open your mind and sometimes energize your body too. So, Why travel? For me its been the other ay round – why not?

Results of my January credit card binge

I went on a credit card binge and signed up for 3 cards in Jan. But based on the total rewards I expect to get, I will be richer by around $2000. And all this by spending less than an hour in all. Let me explain. Choosing the cards I chose the credit cards based